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4 Tips to Protect and Maintain Wallpaper in Singapore

Table of Contents

  1. What Are the Types of Wallpaper in Singapore?

  2. How Can You Protect and Maintain Your Wallpaper?

    • Deep Cleaning

    • Get Rid of Dust

    • Remove Stain Marks Safely

    • Use a Coat of Varnish

  3. How Smoking Affects Your Wallpaper Quality

  4. Can You Actually Install Wallpaper In A Bathroom?

  5. Which Wallpaper is Suitable for Homes With Pets?

  6. Is Wallpaper Suitable in Tropical Singapore?

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You’ve finally wallpapered your home, but barely 3 months in, you realise that it’s starting to peel at some corners. What could be worse?

Wallpaper is considered a long-term investment, so what can you do to make sure that it lasts?

We dive into more details on wallpapering your home, especially in tropical countries like Singapore. Let us answer some of your biggest questions when it comes to protecting and maintaining it to preserve its look for as long as it should.

What Are the Types of Wallpaper in Singapore?

Wallpaper is widely available in Singapore in an extensive array of shades, textures, patterns, and materials. Its versatility and the sheer number of options easily make it a popular choice for those looking to add aesthetic appeal to their boring walls.

Here are the common wallpaper types you can find in Singapore:

  1. Vinyl wallpaper
  2. Non-woven wallpaper
  3. Paper-backed vinyl wallpaper
  4. Fabric-backed vinyl wallpaper
  5. Grasscloth wallpaper
  6. Foil wallpaper
  7. Flocked wallpaper

You can even opt for custom wallpaper with a particular material, design, colour, or texture in mind if you find that none of the available choices is to your liking.

How Can You Protect and Maintain Your Wallpaper?

What are some practical ways that you can safeguard your wallpaper and ensure that it still looks new after a period of time? Let’s look at them:

Light Cleaning

Haven’t been wiping down your wallpaper even when it’s dirty? Doing some light cleaning will help to preserve its look and aid maintenance over the long run.

The process is simple – use clear water and a moist cloth or lightweight duster to clean dirt or dust when necessary.

Get Rid of Dust

Singapore’s weather also makes dust collect and settle everywhere. One component of dust is our dead skin cells, and when we’re sweating at home, it means that we tend to shed more of it, causing dust to accumulate.

It is key to remove surface dust on your wallpaper with a moist microfibre cloth, at least once a month.

Remove Stain Marks Safely

Wallpaper can be delicate, so if you’re too aggressive with cleaning dirty stains and grime, you may damage it.

Using a solution made of water and gentle soap with no bleach content can help to remove these stain marks safely without compromising your wallpaper.

How Smoking Affects Your Wallpaper Quality

We know that smoking is harmful to our bodies and the people around us, but did you know that it’s also a problem for your new wallpaper?

Smoke can settle on the surface of your wallpaper and damage the design while leaving a foul odour of nicotine. Over time, you’ll notice a yellowish-brown film on your wallpaper that combines dust and dirt, causing irreversible yellowing.

This phenomenon is not surprising, considering nicotine’s sticky and gooey consistency that attracts dirt and other environmental pollutants and substances.

Can You Actually Install Wallpaper In A Bathroom?

Ever heard of wallpaper being used to decorate a bathroom’s walls?

It’s certainly usually unheard of since the bathroom is the part of your home that’s most prone to moisture and splashing water. However, it is possible, and although wallpaper isn’t as sturdy as stronger materials like glass or ceramic tiles, it has its benefits.

Let’s compare the benefits and the disadvantages to help you reach a better decision:

Type of Comparison


Glass, Ceramic or Marble Tiles


If plumbing issues occur, water stains can arise. Wallpaper also needs to be washed regularly to keep it clean, which can be tedious

Easy to maintain and clean, especially if you use large tiles with minimal grout lines


Comes in a wide variety of patterns, colours and textures, which offers more options and better aesthetics

May not be as wide-ranging in terms of design as compared to wallpaper


It is possible to imitate high-end materials like marble at a lower cost

Certain materials like marble may cost more

One solution is our waterproof bespoke wallpaper from Italy, a unique solution that can be applied even in wet areas like your bathroom shower. This fibreglass wallpaper utilizing exclusive SD technology is engineered to:

  • Be applied in high-moisture areas like bathrooms
  • Be anti-mould
  • Prevent peeling from moisture

Which Wallpaper is Suitable for Homes With Pets?

Imagine your new wallpaper freshly plastered over your walls, and your pet cat comes along and starts ripping enthusiastically at it.

This has long been a problem for pet owners, and it’s difficult to stop these furry felines and man’s best friends from doing it. Scratching is a natural and instinctive behaviour for them, particularly cats that need to keep their claws in check.

Claw marks on your once-beautiful wallpaper also serve as territory marking. Other times, your pet cat may start tearing the wallpaper because of boredom or a lack of attention.

Unfortunately, there is no wallpaper available at the moment that is suitable for homes with pets, but you can consider these tips:

  • Choosing wallpaper with smooth surfaces instead of textures
  • Using wallpaper made of vinyl or non-woven materials
  • Avoiding wallpaper made of natural fibres and textiles

Is Wallpaper Suitable in Tropical Singapore?

Singapore is hot and humid, which raises these questions: is it a suitable location to install wallpaper? Will the high moisture levels lead to maintenance difficulties and cause damage over the long run?

Here is our answer to your burning questions.

Although wallpapering your home in a tropical country like Singapore may require additional precautionary steps, it doesn’t pose a problem to do so. Any homeowner who wishes for lasting wallpaper should already have these measures in mind in the first place!

First, understand that not all wallpaper are the same. Some types of wallpaper can withstand humidity better, such as vinyl wallpaper.

Plus, these wallpaper types can also be scrubbed and washed, allowing you to remove stains or spots effortlessly for easy maintenance.

At Craft Axis, we’ve helped many homeowners get the stunning wallpaper they want with the maintenance tips they need. Don’t stop there – discover other services that we also provide, including:

Call us for a quick consultation today, or get a free quote!