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A 2022 Guide to the Best Bedroom Wallpaper in Singapore

The way you design your walls can make a world of difference to your home.

When done right, they can even be presented as an eye-catching centrepiece. So, what’s the best option to beautify your bare walls, and if you’re going for wallpaper, how can you choose the best wallpaper in Singapore?

Is Wallpaper or Paint Better?

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Some people prefer painting their walls for its simplicity and fuss-free process. Others find wallpapering their homes more aesthetic and tasteful. In fact, wallpaper has become a vital indoor accessory today.

Wallpaper gives you a myriad of options – from the pattern to the colour and even the texture, there are plenty of choices to think about. Stay close as we explore more about wallpaper and the benefits it can bring to your home!

Is Wallpaper Suitable for Singapore?

Singapore is hot and humid for most of the year, so it’s no wonder that some people may question if wallpaper is suitable, given the climate.

Wallpaper is manufactured in countries that go through seasonal weather changes, like Europe, Japan, and Korea, so it is built to withstand and adapt to the heat. This makes it suitable for Singapore, so homeowners can rest assured before making a purchase.

How Long Can Wallpaper in Singapore Last?

Most wallpaper can last for around 7 to 10 years, which makes it a good choice if you’re looking for a long-term solution. You can also choose durable wallpaper that can better withstand wear and tear for a better investment.

Painted walls can look dark, dirty, and fade after some time, which is why they typically need to be refreshed with a new coat of colour periodically.

What Are the Benefits of Wallpaper?

While both wallpaper and paint have their own significant advantages, some people may find wallpaper a better option. What makes wallpaper an attractive choice over paint?

These are some benefits:

Vast Selection Available

If you pick paint, you can only decide from different colours. On the other hand, wallpaper comes with a massive selection of colours, prints, textures, and materials.

You are more likely to find stunning wallpaper to blend with your home from this vast array of choices available. The sky’s the limit!

Aesthetic Quality

Modern wallpaper is made to deliver optimal aesthetic appeal, unlike painted surfaces. You can pick a wallpaper that complements the rest of your interior design, or takes it up a notch.

With paint, you are limited to different shades – at most, textures, but wallpaper can really bring out the best in your plain walls.

You can even pull off an illusionary look: for example, wallpaper printed in a brick design can make your walls look as though it was crafted from brick, adding a rustic and homely design element.

Boosts the Value of Your Home

If your home is an investment, then wallpapering it is a good idea for when you wish to sell it in the future.

Apart from its attractive aesthetic quality that may better convince a potential buyer to seal the deal, it also means lower costs for the buyer since the wallpaper will still look new and there is no need to spend hundreds of dollars on a paint job.

Are There Different Types of Wallpaper?

There is a variety of wallpaper choices available for Singaporean homeowners. The most common types include non-woven (most European-made wallpaper) and paper-backed (Korean and Japanese wallpaper).

Here are the features of some of the more common types of wallpaper:

Regular Wallpaper Non-Woven Wallpaper Paper-Backed Vinyl Wallpaper
  • For the basic homeowner
  • Doesn’t damage walls when removed
  • Relatively durable
  • Most affordable option
  • Will not leave any residue when removed
  • Can be scrubbed and peeled
  • Lacks in aesthetic appeal because it doesn’t look as elegant nor polished as the other options
  • Easy to apply and remove because it is lightweight and adaptable
  • Less costly
  • Not as durable as non-woven wallpaper
  • Made of breathable natural and synthetic fibres
  • Moisture, stain and grease resistant
  • Relatively easy to install, but care must still be taken
  • Pleasant and sophisticated appearance
  • Does not withstand heavy abuse like being used in storage places
  • Reduced risk of mould and mildew
  • More expensive at S$150-S$250 for 1 roll
  • Eco-friendly option
  • Great noise insulation

Is Wallpaper a Good Idea for Bedrooms?

For many homeowners, the bedroom is a special place – a sanctuary where we spend our time unwinding, relaxing, and drifting off to a good night’s sleep after a long day.

Therefore, you should pay extra attention to your bedroom wallpaper since it’s an important part of your home.

Small bedrooms, in particular, may benefit more from wallpaper. This is because more attention to detail is paid to smaller living spaces, and choosing bigger prints can even enlarge the space visually.

Conversely, smaller prints may be better for bigger rooms.

Which Type of Wallpaper is Best for the Bedroom?

How do you assess the kind of wallpaper to buy for your bedroom?

A key consideration for the wallpaper should be how it helps us stay peaceful and relaxed so that it helps us feel calm and ready for bed.

When you’re choosing your wallpaper, you can ask yourself some questions to determine whether a particular wallpaper is ideal for your bedroom.

Here are some examples:

– Does the design of the wallpaper blend in with the rest of my home?

– How long will the wallpaper last?

– Do I have young children staying with me who might damage the wallpaper?

– Am I staying with kids or the elderly who may be vulnerable to materials like mercury and cadmium?

– How frequently will I redecorate my room?

– How big and brightly lit is my room?

– How often will the room be used?

These questions can help you to better understand your needs and to narrow down your options to one that best suits you.

For example, if the room that will be wallpapered is going to be used frequently, you should get sturdy wallpaper that can last. If you’re going to redecorate your space every couple of years, you should also choose more affordable wallpaper that you can switch out without feeling the pinch too much.

What Wallpaper is Best for a Small Bedroom?

Most of us stay in small HDB or BTO flats in Singapore, so our bedrooms also tend to be small. Choosing the right wallpaper can result in a visual effect where your room looks bigger than it is.

To do so, you should get bright wallpaper with large prints!

Does Dark Wallpaper Make a Room Look Smaller?

If you want to make your room look bigger, always go for brighter and lighter colours. Darker shades will make your room look smaller and more restrictive.

Choosing the Best Bedroom Wallpaper Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

You can always seek an expert’s help or get a second opinion if you can’t decide on which wallpaper to go for! Put in effort into the details to choose the best bedroom wallpaper for yourself.