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Korean Combi Blinds


If you are searching for a window covering that allows you to regulate natural light and ventilation, our Korean Combi Blinds, also known as Dual Shade Blinds, Rainbow Blinds, Shadow Blinds or Zebra Blinds in Singapore, might be the perfect fit for you.

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At Craft Axis, our Combi Blinds are designed with two layers of fabric, including a sheer layer and a dim-out layer, made from 100% polyester. With our advanced Custom roller blind system, you can easily control the level of light entering your room with a single cord control system. You can switch between the sheer and dim-out layers to suit your preferences and adjust your blinds to block out light or enjoy a clear view of the scenery outside.


Available in a wide range of colours, you’ll have the freedom to choose a complementary shade to your interior decor. Shop with us today and elevate your living spaces with our Combi Blinds.


Our Combi Blinds combine the benefits of traditional horizontal blinds with roller shades, giving you excellent light control in a hassle-free manner. You no longer have to struggle with adjusting your blinds halfway to achieve optimal light in your room.


Designed for easy cleaning and maintenance, Combi Blinds are suitable for both residential and commercial use. A simple wipe from a moist cloth or duster does the trick to keep your blinds clean and fresh.

3 Easy Steps to Get Your Korean Combi Blinds

Step 1: Explore Korean Combi Blinds

Discover the extensive range of Korean blind in Singapore designs by exploring our amazing online catalogue. Our catalogue offers an extensive range of options that help you find the perfect blind for your space.

Step 2: Easy Quoting Process

Provide your measurements on WhatsApp or email to receive an instant estimate for Korean blind in Singapore to our team.

Step 3: On-Site Visit

Schedule an on-site visit where our team will measure and help with finalising Korean combi blind designs. This will ensure accuracy in execution, and the curtains will fit your room.

Things to Note About Korean Combi Rainbow Blinds

If you’re new to Korean combi blinds, here is some essential information you need to know:

Light Blockage

Dimout Korean blinds can block up to 80% of light, depending on the chosen fabric. Even with 95% blackout Korean blinds, some light leaks may occur from different directions and space between fabrics or if panel matching is improper.

Width Limitation

For larger windows, Korean blinds may not be recommended due to increased light leakage between multiple sets. Consider blackout curtains for enhanced light sensitivity at night.

Lightweight Design

Korean combi blinds are lightweight and user-friendly. However, avoid leaving them down when windows are open to prevent potential damage from swinging or swaying.

Types of Combi Blinds

  • Blackout Combi Blinds: Ideal for complete privacy in dark spaces, blocking out 90% of light.
  • Dim-out Combi Blinds: Offers increased privacy while allowing natural light, blocking around 50–60% of light.
  • Dual Shade Blinds: Effortlessly balance light and privacy, adapting to your space’s requirements.
  • Rainbow Blinds: Rainbow Blinds in Singapore adds vibrancy, privacy, and light control, offering a playful touch to your space.
Transform your space with Craft Axis today.