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Guide To Styling Your Home with Combi Blinds (Zebra Blinds)

Looking for stylish ways to control the light and privacy of your home? Combi blinds, also known as Zebra blinds, are here to offer you a unique way of adding style and sophistication to any room in your home. Combi blinds come in various aesthetically pleasing designs that are bound to bring out the creative aspect of a room; they are also equipped with practical functions that make life easier. Essentially, combi blinds give you the best of both worlds. That said, it can be hard to know which blinds are best for your home with the limitless options that are made available in the market today. This article will provide an overview of everything you need to know about Combi blinds, their styling possibilities and how to choose the most suitable one for your rooms.

Combi Blinds Basics

Combi Blinds

Combi blinds are recognized for their dual-layer or transitional shades, a type of window treatment that feature two layers that alternate between sheer and opaque horizontal stripes of fabric. These stripes can be adjusted to align and overlap, allowing varying degrees of light to filter through the fabric. They offer privacy, light control, and a sleek, modern look to any room. They are easy to operate and can be adjusted to let in just the right amount of light for any occasion. All these features make them a popular choice for homeowners and decorators due to their versatility, functionality and style. 


To adjust the amount of light and privacy, combi blinds can be adjusted by pulling on a chain or cord, similar to the system of a regular roller blind. The blinds provide complete privacy and block out most light by aligning the stripes on both layers. When the stripes on both layers are misaligned, the sheer fabric allows some light to filter through while still maintaining a degree of privacy. Unlike most blinds, you don’t need your combi blinds to be pulled halfway to enjoy a well-lit room without compromising the room’s visibility on the outside. Have the layers aligned to your preferred room lighting, and it will maintain the same level of privacy you would typically have with a regular curtain or blind.


Unlike traditional blinds, combi blinds are incredibly low-maintenance. Using a moist cloth or a duster to remove any debris or dust is almost effortless, saving you a lot of time from having to clean them on a regular basis thoroughly. This makes the blinds perfect for all sorts of spaces, whether it be for commercial or residential purposes.


Types Of Combi Blinds

Combi blinds singapore

Most types of combi blinds are normally made of polyester fabric. Aside from being extremely durable, it is also a perfect fit for the blinds as they can be stretched and moved along with the mechanism of the cord system. They are highly cost-effective, with their price being one of the best on the market, while still abiding by top-notch quality


There are also linen options for combi blinds, a natural material that gives off a breathable impression and usually comes with a textured appearance. While linen combi blinds are known for their rustic and organic look, they are more prone to wrinkling and require more maintenance than other fabrics and materials. On the other hand, cotton is a natural material that’s soft, lightweight, and easy to clean while offering a variety of colours and patterns. They are also affordable and versatile but tend to wear out quicker than other materials when constantly exposed to the sun. Faux silk is another option you can look into, made of a blend of various materials. They are less costly than genuine silk and do not deteriorate in quality when placed under the sun, but there are lesser options of styles available on the market than the other materials and fabrics we’ve previously mentioned.


It’s important to note that the material of the blind does affect the light blockage capabilities. For lighter materials, the combi blinds’ dimming effect will still pull through, giving you optimal light to shine into the room, even when the stripes are aligned. On the contrary, heavier materials have more of a blackout effect. When the lines don’t overlap with one another, the blinds cut off the majority of light coming in, which is most beneficial to people who prefer privacy or are sensitive to light.


Best Uses for Different Room

Combi blinds

Living Room

You could consider combi blinds made from a lighter and airy material for a living room. Blinds with a timeless design and more leniency towards their light blockage can give off a softer feel that will support the welcoming environment a living space should have. Having less light in the living room could be counterintuitive for its purpose, but with plenty of designs available, you should have no issue getting one that suits your wants and needs.


In the case of the bedroom, combi blinds that have a dimming effect will help control a large amount of light that comes into the room, but only enough to not make it too overwhelming. If you’re looking for a space of complete darkness to get some beauty sleep in, the blackout combi blinds are guaranteed to do their job. Blinds made of thicker materials are preferred by many as well in this case, as bedrooms are more or less a private space of your own that you don’t want too exposed to the outside.

Kitchen & Bathroom

For spaces like the kitchen or bathroom that are considered as “wet rooms” are areas with high levels of moisture. Although it is possible to use a combi blind in the kitchen it is not recommended for bathrooms. However, other options such as a PVC venetian blind or PVC roller blind would be a good option for both kitchen and bathrooms. Not only are these types easier to clean, but they can also withstand moisture and humidity, which is essential in a space where cooking and cleaning occur. This also applies to a bathroom where getting the blinds wet can sometimes be inevitable. For some, having a thinner material for the blinds can introduce natural light into the rooms, but others may want to prioritise their privacy. Both options are durable and easy to clean, so the decision may come down to your desired level of privacy and light control. Deciding on the final material is left up to preference, but ensuring that you get one that can last and is durable should be a central point before anything else for practicality’s sake. 

Combi Blinds Decorative Accessories

balcony blinds Singapore

If you’re looking for even more customizations in regards to combi blinds, there are a few decorative accessories that you can attach to your blinds. For a more antique look, valences can be attached to the top of your combi blinds. They are also an option for covering the blind mechanism should it be too abrupt or jarring to look at bare. A more decorative approach would be to utilize tassels and fringes and have them attached to the bottom of the blinds, with many options for their looks. The cords can also be personalized, with the common choices being a string, beaded or ball-chain cord system. For some blind suppliers, they also provide a motorized alternative for those looking for something more automated

Tying Everything Together At Craft Axis

Black Combi Blinds in Singapore Living Room 

Combi blinds can be a great way to add interior design flair to any room. If you’ve already incorporated these blinds into your space, there are plenty of other ways to help make the most out of them and create a unique atmosphere. Consider colours that will set off the stripes in the zebra blinds and bring out their beauty. When it comes to decorating a space, each room element plays a part in contributing to its overall beauty and aesthetic. To have each part complement, one another will go a long way in establishing a space you can be most satisfied with. 


Craft Axis is your one-stop shop for all your window shade needs. With a comprehensive catalogue of combi blinds founded on countless fabrics, materials and customization, it’s only a matter of time before you get your hands on your dream blinds. From the onset of your selection right to the installation done by our professional team, we will guide you every step of the way, ensuring you get nothing less than our best. If you wish to find out more, contact us and speak to any of our consultants today to have your window covering be the new talk of the residence.