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Curtains and Blinds Singapore

Window shades are an essential component of any room, providing not only practical benefits but also adding a touch of elegance to your interior.

Craft Axis is the preferred destination for home blinds in Singapore. Our extensive range of window blinds includes premium quality fabrics from Europe, with over 5000 fabric selections to suit any design style. We strive to provide superior quality workmanship, ensuring that your window dressings are installed dust-free and with the utmost care.

Day Curtains
Night Curtains
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Curtains for Increased Privacy

Curtains in Singapore play a crucial role in not just enhancing aesthetics but also ensuring your space remains private and secure. Furthermore, curtains serve as effective barriers, offering a haven where relaxation meets privacy.

Creating Privacy Sanctuaries

From sheer panels that invite light into the living room to blackout curtains in the bedroom, curtains in Singapore transform your home into a private space. Curtains help to create a secure, peaceful atmosphere that allows you to unwind completely.

Key Considerations When Buying Curtains in Singapore

To select the perfect curtains for your home, several factors should guide your decision-making process:

  • Purpose: Determine if the curtains are for decoration, light control, or privacy. This primary goal will shape your choices.
  • Measurements: Precise measurements ensure optimal coverage without overwhelming or falling short on the windows.
  • Fabric: Choose wisely between heavy curtains for insulation or sheer fabrics for a breezy ambience. The fabric should align with both functionality and aesthetic preferences.
  • Colour and Pattern: Curtains can accentuate or blend into your interior design. Consider whether they will be a focal point or harmonise with the decor.
  • Maintenance: Different fabrics have varying maintenance needs. Factor in cleaning requirements to make a practical decision.