Customized Wallpaper

Create an innovative space. Exhibit your walls with exclusive personalized designs or corporate logos and bring your space to a brand new level!

We print on vinyl wallpaper on which its surface is cleanable, makes it a brilliant choice for high traffic areas like your retail shop or office. Works the same way like your normal wallpaper but you decide the image you wish to have!

How does it work?

Let us know the dimension of the wall. Give us the image you wish to print on your wallpaper. The higher the resolution of the image, the better the final result will be when we print it on the vinyl wallpaper. But don’t worry, our creative design team will check if your image is suitable before processing for final printing. Alternatively, you may let our creative design team know your requirements and we will source for the best image for you. And there you go, get ready for the installation of your customised wallpaper in Singapore.

We pride our selves in being the place to go to buy wallpaper Singapore, providing you with wallpapers of varying designs and colours, from murals to Korean wallpaper Singapore.

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