An Introduction to

Custom Wallpaper

Truth be told, not two spaces are exactly the same. You may have your eyes sight on a particular design or pattern that perfectly enhances your space. However, due to its material or available size, it may not be suitable. This is where a custom wallpaper supplier comes in, crafting the exact design on the correct materials for your space. Settle for nothing less than perfection.

Start Creating Your

Customized Wallpaper

Creating a personalised wallpaper need not be hassle filled or complicated. In fact, with Craft Axis, you can create and have it ordered completely from the comfort of your home. Our website allows you to:

  1. Get inspiration and ideas
  2. Choose our curated designs or upload your own
  3. Measure your walls
  4. Make customisations to your design based on your walls’ measurements
  5. Complete your order online
  6. Receive the wallpaper and have it installed


Find Inspiration For Your

Custom Made Wallpaper

Here at Craft Axis, we provide you with plenty of inspiration on our website. From Floral to Arts, Kids to Scenic Sights, you will find plenty of great ideas here curated from the community. In need of further suggestions or advice on more practical aspects of applying the wallpaper? Contact our designers today and we will be more than happy to discuss how to make your dream space today!

Vinyl Material Based

Personalised Wallpaper

All custom wallpapers made by Craft Axis are based on vinyl material. This makes it a breeze to clean while also being compatible with almost any image, design or pattern. The only limit on your choice of wallpaper design is your imagination!

Choose Craft Axis for

Customized Wallpaper Design
Craft Axis provides more than 1000 wallpaper designs from the latest collections at any one time. Our designers are highly experienced in determining how best to turn your ideas into actual designs on wallpapers. Trust them to advise you when creating your custom wallpaper and having it ready for easy application in your space. Let your imagination takeover, the sky is the limit!

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