Why Choose Our Luxury Vinyl Floor?

Strength, style and performance – All-in-one flooring.

The tougher floor that lasts for decades. Easy to install with the patented LOC system with minimal maintenance required, the best flooring solution for hectic schedules. With 8 different wood-look and colours, bring the freshness of nature to your home.

Maintenance is easy –Regular vacuuming and mopping will be sufficient to keep your floor in good condition. No waxing, polishing or buffing is required.

100% Waterproof – Vinyl Floor is water resistant therefore damp mopping is never an issue. Made from top quality virgin resins, with UV matt surface coating, without any wood content, the floor does not swell or deform when in contact with water. Highly suitable for frequent wet areas such as laundry rooms, kitchens and patios.

High impact resistant & Slip resistant – Certified under DIN 511030/EN1893 commercial grading for slip resistance, our vinyl floor is safe to use for homes, commercial buildings, retail shops and even hospitals.

Safe and Environmentally Friendly – Certified under Floorscore and EN 14372 standard for low concentration of phthalates and provides better indoor air quality for you and your loved ones. Tested under EN13501 standard for flammability and is certified Bf1-S1.

Glue-less installation – Equipped with patented LOC system makes installation fast and glue-less.

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