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A Guide to Choosing the Right Wallpaper Singapore Design for Your Home

When it comes to choosing the right wallpaper to set the tone for your home, there are many elements to consider before you transform the looks and comfort of your living space here in Singapore. From patterns and colours to textures and materials, numerous factors are present in installing wallpaper. This guide will cover everything you need to know, from the onset of knowing if your wall is suitable for wallpaper installation and how you can get a design suited to complement your taste and wants without compromising on quality and affordable wallpaper

Wallpaper FAQs

This section is an important resource for anyone looking to buy wallpaper or use a wallpaper installation service in Singapore. Wallpaper is a popular wall covering that allows you to add texture, colour and design to your walls. Feature walls can be created with wallpaper, making it possible to create a unique look in any home. There are many different types of wallpaper available to choose from when you decide to buy the perfect one for your home. It is important to visit a showroom and view the different types of wallpaper before deciding which one is right for you. If you want to buy online, there are many stores that offer installation services as well as delivery of your chosen wallpaper. A professional wallpaper installer is always recommended if you want the job done correctly and efficiently. With the right advice, you can find the perfect wallpaper for your home.

What Should I Look Out for on the Wall Before Installing Wallpaper?

Installing a wallpaper may seem like an easy job to pull off, but wallpapers are not simply a piece of decoration that you can slap on any wall. For most scenarios, installing wallpaper should not pose too much of a problem for your walls, but ensuring its long durability and aesthetic appearance can prove to be a problem later down the road. Here are some things you can look out for on your walls that may affect the finished wallpaper design.

Installing Wallpaper by professional hands


Walls are susceptible to gathering dust, debris, and dirt. Having a clean wall is essential to securing a smooth installation process without any of the residues affecting it. If the wall is not cleaned out properly, large dirt or debris can be visible through the wallpaper even after the installation. A clean and even surface will result in a better overall finish and ensure that the wallpaper lasts for a longer time without any peeling, wrinkles or bubbling.

Cracks or Holes

With cracks and holes, they can majorly influence the adhesion and appearance of the wallpaper. Should the wall not be properly repaired before the installation, the wallpaper may not adhere well, and it can eventually start to peel or show blemishes. The air and dust trapped in the gaps in the wall can also lead to the wallpaper wearing out sooner than it should, looking less attractive over time.


Moisture on the surface of your walls can cause wallpaper problems in terms of peeling and a wrinkly appearance on the surface, leading to a shorter lifespan of the material. Additionally, moisture encourages the growth of mould and mildew, which, aside from damaging your wallpaper, can also potentially harm the health of your household. If the installation were to follow through without taking into account the humidity of a room, the wallpaper’s appearance could quickly turn discoloured or warped.

Adhesive Compatibility

Different types of wallpapers utilize different types of adhesives. However, not every wallpaper can be used with any adhesive as it can affect its appearance and durability. Therefore, taking note of what adhesives are compatible with both your walls and wallpaper can save you a lot of trouble in repairing any damages that may arise. Testing the adhesive beforehand is recommended, allowing you to check for any signs of peeling, bubbling or discolouration. By ensuring proper adhesive compatibility, you can safeguard your wall’s appearance and durability while implementing measures to prevent peeling paint or damaging drywall.


When Should Wallpaper Be Installed?

Wallpapers can generally be installed at any time of the year, but there are times when the installations would work a lot better. For Singapore, a major thing you can take note of is its high humidity levels throughout the year due to the tropical climate. This can affect the adhesion of the wallpaper and its appearance as time goes by. Hence, if you’re worried about the wallpaper’s quality depreciating quickly, having them installed during the drier months, such as any time from February to April or July to September, can significantly preserve the pristine state of your wallpaper. Taking the time to consult with a professional can give you a more in-depth insight on the timings for installation, but they can advise the best way forward, even if you want it done during the more humid seasons.


How Long Can Wallpaper Last?

The lifespan of a wallpaper depends on several factors, such as the type and quality of the wallpaper, the installation process, and the room’s environmental conditions. However, in general, a high-quality wallpaper that is properly installed can last anywhere from 5 to 15 years, even longer, in certain conditions. A solid vinyl wallpaper, for example, is known for its incredible durability, lasting up to 15 years or more. On the other hand, paper or fabric wallpapers don’t necessarily have the ability to last as long, needing frequent replacements to maintain the room’s appearance.

The installation process also plays a significant role in the lifespan of a wallpaper. A professional installation, with proper surface preparation and adhesive application, can help to ensure that the wallpaper adheres well and lasts for an extended period. Furthermore, environmental conditions affect the lifespan of the wallpaper. Aside from the humidity levels, exposure to direct sunlight can shorten the lifespan of a wallpaper by causing it to discolour and fade.

Proper maintenance and cleaning can help to extend the lifespan of wallpaper. Taking time to dust or vacuum the wallpaper regularly can help stop the build-up of dirt or debris. When cleaning up stains and spills, using a mild cleaning solution with a soft cloth will give you a better outcome than harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaning tools that can damage the wallpaper or your walls. It goes without saying that if a room is actively being used and occupied, it will be more prone to damage than less frequented rooms. More traffic would mean a higher chance of the wallpapers sustaining scratches or scuffs.

While a high-quality wallpaper can last for several years, it’s also important to factor in the style and trend of the wallpaper. Knowing what is best suited for your taste means that you won’t have to get a wallpaper change when the design eventually gets dull. A classic and timeless design is a good baseline to build on as they will always be appealing even after a few years. 

All these factors eventually do add up across the lifespan of a wallpaper, and while we can give you an approximate duration of how long they can typically last, there are still multiple causes that contribute to a wallpaper’s deterioration. That said, with enough due diligence, they can be taken care of so that their state can be preserved the best it can.


Does Wallpaper Cover Wall Imperfection/Wall Condition?

Wallpaper can cover up some wall imperfections to a certain extent, but it does depend on the severity and nature of the flaws. For small bumps or minor cracks, a thick enough wallpaper does help with covering them up by displaying a smoother surface above. The same can be said if the wall is stained or discoloured, as wallpapers have designs to cover a room’s walls to make it look more presentable. For uneven surfaces, textured wallpapers or those with elaborate patterns help to pull attention away from the irregularities on the house walls. That said, it would be advisable to assess the wall’s condition and to get it fixed as much as possible, as these imperfections will influence the wallpaper’s longevity and looks. Addressing the significant issues of your walls before installation will be a much better way forward, but wallpapers can resolve the issue of visible blemishes on the walls of your home if maximizing their durability isn’t too much of a concern.

bright Modern Wallpaper

How Much Does It Cost to Wallpaper a Room in Singapore?

The cost to wallpaper a room can depend on the size of the room, the type and quality of the wallpaper, and the complexity of the installation process. For example, choosing a standard wallpaper without any customization would mean a lower cost than a custom wallpaper with a more detailed design. The cost can also vary depending on the quality of the wallpaper and the brand. Other than the cost of the wallpaper itself, additional costs could come in the form of installation fees to cover labour, preparation of the walls, and the necessary equipment and materials. 

While the overall costs can vary, it’s important to budget accordingly before sourcing wallpapers and getting a quote from the installer before proceeding with the project. That way, you’ll get a more accurate amount, giving you space to work around it if it costs way more than you were planning to allocate.


Where Can I Buy Quality Modern & Aesthetic Wallpapers in Singapore?

For quality wallpapers that cater to modern and aesthetic designs in Singapore, look no further than Craft Axis. Covering all types of spaces, from residential to commercial, we have a wide array of wallpapers sourced from Europe, the U.S., Japan and Korea that are bound to accommodate your space and likings. With over a decade of experience in the Singapore wallpaper industry, we are well-versed in everything wallpapers, providing only the best online wallpaper store experience for our clients, ensuring they don’t get anything less than high-quality and reliable. If you’re looking for wallpapers to transform the layout of your home, contact us and get a quotation today!