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4 Important Things To Consider When Installing Outdoor Roller Blinds

Introduction to Outdoor Blinds In Singapore

Have you ever wanted to enjoy your outdoor space when it’s nice and sunny but it becomes too much for the eyes after a while? Or perhaps you wanted to indulge in the serene atmosphere as the rain pours; a cup of coffee and a book in your hands. However, dirt and mud start accumulating on your patio and the thought gradually fades in its appeal. To resolve these problems, we’re here to introduce outdoor blinds for your homes. Aside from being more versatile in how it will fit into your home, it will protect your outdoor furniture and space from all sorts of messes or extreme heat that comes and goes with the weather. If you’re looking to install outdoor roller blinds, here are 4 things to keep a lookout for.

1. Deciding between installing Curtains or Blinds

The difference between outdoor roller blinds and curtains can often be perceived to be separated by a fine line. However, there are key aspects you should consider when deciding between installing outdoor roller blinds or curtains. Being made for outdoor purposes, outdoor blinds offer homeowners to relish the outside without having to set out of their homes. Having outdoor blinds in tropical countries such as Singapore becomes a game-changer. Between the blazing heat that runs throughout the year and the frequent rain occurrences, these blinds are able to withstand the elements and add protection your outdoor area, giving you the liberty enjoying your outdoors balcony area for any activities without having to worry about the weather conditions. Once you’ve gotten a taste, you’ll be needing quality outdoor blinds in no time.

Curtains are more for decorative purposes and to have the windows of a home covered from the inside. They are more susceptible to accumulating dust and dirt when compared to having blinds. Curtains are also prone to moving, especially with strong winds. If installed outside, there would be little to no control over how much it moves. Blinds are built for heavy-duty outdoor functions, while curtains are standardized for indoors with them being ideal for a homelike environment.

2. What type of materials and colors to choose for outdoor balcony blinds?


The materials used for blinds come in a variety, from canvas to polyvinyl chloride (PVC), mesh, and block out screens. Weight is a crucial factor to take into account. For example, outdoor bamboo blinds or those made of wood can be extremely heavy, making it difficult to adjust the blinds whenever required. In the long run, the build will reach its breaking point as the stress endowed by the weight continues to strain the cords of the blinds. The higher the quality of the material, the longer-lasting and weatherproof your blinds will be. It may be easy to overlook the differences between low and high-quality materials but it’ll be made evident in the durability across all functionalities as time passes.

Common household blinds are made of acrylic canvases and mesh fabric. Acrylic canvases ensure maximum protection from the sun and harmful UV rays while blocking out natural light, built to endure harsh sunlight Mesh fabric blinds provide better airflow compared to other materials and contribute to sun protection but unlike acrylic canvases, it still leaves room for visibility toward the outside.



Dark and light colors have their fair share of pros and cons. Blinds of a darker shade provide better atmospheres for privacy by reducing the amount of light that passes through. It is a prime option for those looking for outdoor shades without exposing it to too much light. However, darker colors absorb more heat which does increase the surrounding temperature so it would pair well with material that’s got an airier feel.

Lighter colors, on the other hand, are much better at reflecting heat in contrast to its counterpart. To those looking for blinds that aid with a cooling feeling without any mind to the greater amount of light that can come through, the brighter colors are the way to go. It is important to note that it will be easier to spot specks of dirt and dust on lighter tones of blinds, which is something to keep in mind.


3. Which Outdoor Blind is most suitable for your space?

There are multiple outdoor blind systems to choose from, though it does depend on where you want to have it installed in your home. For balcony spaces, outdoor patios, or decks, installing outdoor blinds also keeps you and your space safe from extreme outdoor conditions. Their opacity levels are also easy to adjust, making them accessible to most homeowners.

PVC blinds are perfect for gazebos and porches as they don’t interfere with the view of your outdoor space. Additionally, PVC blinds would be best suited for the outdoors as they do not rust when exposed to water.

Roman blinds are not ideal for outdoor placements but these indoor blinds are normally used for aesthetic coverings. Roman blinds add to the blockage of light from entering through the windows and provide an elegant aesthetic for your living space that may be more to your liking. Ultimately, it does come down to function and preferences.

4. Choosing The Right Outdoor Roller Blinds Supplier in Singapore: Craft Axis

Craft Axis provides you with several types of outdoor blinds that come hand-in-hand with quality that are Singapore made. The use of perforated outdoor blinds helps to cut down on the penetration of glare and rain while still allowing room for wind to pass through, allowing you to enjoy using the area in comfort. The functionalities of our blinds make top priority to cover attributes of privacy, weather, and durability. Our minimalistic designs will be a minor modern touch to your home’s outdoor space at an affordable price.

Have you considered installing outdoor blinds for your space in Singapore? Contact us today and our consultants will get in touch with you to extract the ideal layout fit for you. Looking to install outdoor roller blinds in your home? Contact us today and our consultants will get in touch with you to extract the ideal layout fit for you!