An Introduction to

Korean Wallpaper

Korean wallpapers have seen a huge increase in popularity amongst both home and office owners over the past few years. This has seen their designs becoming a preferred choice in several instances over the conventional European wallpapers.


Benefits of

Korean Wallpaper Design

Popularity & Variety

New Korean wallpaper collections come out every 6-12 months, leading to a great amount of choices on the market. Moreover, if there are any new trends or fads in interior design, you can expect to them in the latest Korean wallpaper collection. It is also worth noting that Korean wallpapers often utilize oriental designs or even Korean pop culture to inform its collections.

Value For Money

Inch for inch, Korean wallpapers typically cost less than their traditional counterparts. Nonetheless, due to the practice of selling higher volumes of wallpaper per unit for Korean wallpapers, the base price does tend to be higher. This makes Korean wallpapers suitable for larger spaces. Furthermore, due to more affordable import rates, the overall price of Korean wallpaper in Singapore is truly affordable.

Easy To Install

Generally, a primary challenge of conventional wallpaper installation would be the amount of joining and matching of repeated patterns. This obstacle requires you to take extra effort during installation and experience to do it without visible fault. In sharp contrast, Korean wallpapers use more random patterns, as a result there is much less need for close pattern matching when joining.

Choose Craft Axis for

Korean Wallpaper Home Décor

Craft Axis offers more than 600 Korean wallpaper designs on our online store. Feel free to browse through our curated collection of beautiful and versatile designs. When looking at our individual products, you will find the dimensions per wallpaper roll and the length before a repeat of the pattren. This helps you to determine if the wallpaper is suitable for your wall. To help you make an even more informed decision, we provide a wallpaper price calculator each product page.