The argument is no longer whether to consider wallpapers but rather how to choose the right wallpaper to fit. Whilst we understand that this might be a daunting task, it’s easier when you’ve set your purpose this wallpaper needs to serve. Once the intention is set, then the fun can begin where we get to suggest some creative wallpaper solutions.

Below are pointers we thought would be helpful to efficiently pick out and buy wallpapers for your next projects.

Living Room

The living room is where most of your entertainment takes place. It’s a space you’d be spending bulk of the time with your family and hosting parties with friends. The vibe of your living room should ideally be expressive, energetic and fun. This is also what we believe as the best place to showcase your personal style through your choice of wallpaper.
The designs by Tecnografica Italian Wallcoverings is one of the most creative and artistic wallpaper in Singapore. These bold statements fit perfectly as a feature wall in the living room and you should get used to the compliments every time you invite new visitors to your home.
What’s more, for the eco-conscious, you’d be happy to know that Tecnografica products are made entirely of ecological wallpaper and free of PVC or solvents.
Depending on the scale of space you’re working with, it will be best to consider lighter colours to expand the room if space is a constraint. Even the size and dimension of patterns will make a difference. Now we would like to debunk the illusion that plain is boring. It doesn’t have to be! With textured wallpaper, you get to keep the look of your room interesting with a timeless design.
One important point to note is the style of your current home. That is extremely important for you to select a wallpaper that fits with your existing furnishings.


Step into your room of rest and feel calm and relaxed every time. The right wallpaper could help you do just that. Pick a print with humble tones, simple, soothing colours or perhaps textured wallpaper with nature inspired prints. Check out our range of Europe and Korean wallpapers for more refreshing inspiration and never get out from the wrong side of the bed again.

Customisation made easy

Need something specific? Talk to us about customised wallpapers in Singapore. Our custom made wallpapers are a big hit especially to those with distinctive interest. Imagine having your favourite scenic photo taken as a centerpiece in your living room, or for designers, a graphic you created that was momentous for you, now turned into an art in your bedroom. Let your home reflect a piece of you with personalised wallpapers by Craft Axis.

Korean Wallpaper

If you’re looking for a place to start your search for wallpaper, we’d recommend starting with our Korean wallpaper designs. Our Korean wallpapers are extremely flexible and could fit into any styles ranging from modern and contemporary to classic and floral. And did we mention that Craft Axis has gazillions of Korean wallpaper design to choose from? Set an appointment to view our range at our showroom.

Wallpaper FAQ

This is the best time to address 2 frequently asked questions when by our customers when considering wallpaper, and we thought this could be useful information for you too:

1. How resistant are wallpapers?

We can’t speak for all wallpaper providers out there but here’s the explanation from Craft Axis! This is a common question for home owners looking to wallpaper their bathroom or a space with high moisture. Such environment requires the use of vinyl wallpaper, which are very durable. You can even wipe the wallpapers clean with a peace of mind, knowing your wallpapers will not start peeling. Most of the wallpapers available at Craft Axis are made of vinyl, so we have a full range of designs catered to those looking for long-lasting options. Just tell us your wallpapering intentions and we’ll recommend the most suitable!

2. How long do wallpaper last?

Wallpaper can last up to 7-10 years if they’re well taken care of. Which is way more cost-effective (and beautiful) if you compare it to paint. Just remember that installation is a very important factor in making sure your wallpaper stays up for a long time and Craft Axis provides the best team of in-house professional installers for all your wallpapering needs.

Craft Axis is the leading wallpaper, curtains and blinds Singapore supplier. We provide a range of beautiful and functional interior design furnishings. Our clients range from commercial entities such as Don Don Donki to families looking to beautify their home. Get in touch with us to see how our products and expertise can serve your space.


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