Introducing ZipScreen

How about an extended and bigger living space for you and your family? Connect your indoor and outdoor environment into one common space. No more messy cords and unsightly gaps. Automatically controlled at a touch of your remote control. It’s time to relax at your balcony.

ZipScreen Motorised Blinds

ZipScreen is a secured, safe and user-friendly system suitable for anyone in your family. Shield your home and furniture from sun & UV rays, rainwater, insects, sound and wind. Using only fire retardant fabrics and silent motor, ZipScreen is the ultimate outdoor blind system for your home and commercial space.

ZipScreen offers superior
quality and functionality
without compromising on
design and style

Why Choose ZipScreen?

  • Silent and quality motor with 5 years warranty
  • Cordless child-safe features
  • Wind Resistant – Strong and stable integrated brackets to conceal the system
  • Control light, temperature
  • Insect Barrier
  • Comes with rubber strips to reduce gap at the bottom of the frame
  • Easy Daily Maintenance – Simply clean with moist cloth
  • Privacy for your balcony and outdoor areas
  • Available in different colours to match your interior needs

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