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Transform Your Living Space With These Statement Wallpaper Ideas

Statement wallpaper pattern

Are you growing tired of the dated appearance of your house? Have you been searching high and low for a way to add personality to your interior? Whether your goal is to modernize or personalize your space, installing a mesmerizing wallpaper is surely your best option.

Many top interior designers view wallpaper as a game-changer. A wallpaper that compliments your personality and makes a great statement print can transform your space immensely. Moreover, the right wallpaper can create a warm atmosphere that family and guests alike will find welcoming.

Below is a list of modern living room wallpaper ideas to help you navigate your way to a decision. If you are looking to add extra visual impact to your living space, read on to learn how a splash of colour and textures does the trick.

Fresh, Modern Florals

If you are into floral prints but not entirely fond of the traditional oversized floral wallpaper, then consider getting a fresh, modern floral design. With a variation of design from watercolour and pastels to loud and graphic statements, floral wallpaper is making a comeback. It is also a creative way to bring a garden into your space without a green thumb.

So, what are fresh, modern floral designs? It is similar to the classic style that many know and love, but with a more vivid colour scheme. Imagine lush greens and muted neutrals with splashes of colours coming together to create a stunning floral design.

If you have a small space you wish to change, wallpaper like this is a great way to do so. Its plenty of white space stops the pattern from closing off the room, essentially making the place more spacious. Any wood and white elements can be paired with this design perfectly, enabling your contemporary living room to feel cosy.

Statement-Making Monochrome

Did you know that black and white is the ideal combination when playing with patterns for the first time? If you are looking to experiment with bold patterns, the monochrome style is a good starter for you.

When considering the best contemporary living room wallpaper ideas, a statement monochrome design is a go-to for many homeowners. It has the amazing ability to look modern and classic at the same time. When adding pops of colours with furniture and accessories, it adds dimension to an otherwise flat wall. It also keeps the room feeling lively and inviting to whoever steps foot into the perimeter.

By incorporating the monochrome pattern into your home, you will create visual interest. For instance, it helps to distract you from seeing the dreadful pipes in the corner when entering a laundry room or bathroom. If you have weird angles or ceilings in your space, a monochrome pattern is a great way to disguise them whilst taking your interior to a whole new level.

High-Shine Metallics

A metal décor is more than just picture frames and light fixtures. Interior designers have been spending the past several years experimenting with several looks with the style. From adding touches of satiny silvers to rose-gold coppers into interiors to create the right amount of luster.

If glamour and luxury is more to your taste, wallpaper with gold-detailing is a great approach to really make your walls stand out. These high-shine metallics are sure to turn your space extravagant and elegance to your space.

Be aware that the main point of using metallic, foil or other shiny wallpaper is to brighten a dark room. Therefore, choosing a shiny wallpaper may not be the ideal choice if your room emits plenty of natural light. However, if you decide to go with the wallpaper, you can simply install blinds or draperies to control the amount of sunlight.

Accent Wall

Does the idea of vibrant paint all over your house scare you to your very core? Does entering a room with bold wallpaper on all four corners make you feel uneasy? If you do not wish to commit to a fully covered area, then a humble accent wall is a great alternative.

These easy and stylish colour accents will remain a favourite because of its flexibility. Hence, you have endless colour options for your accent wall, as well as other patterns and materials. If you are seeking to personalize a space within a budget, accent walls make a great option too. It helps to create a focal point in any room by adding a touch of dimension and style with affordable rates.


How about getting expressive with a bold and statement-making wallpaper that leaves your guest enthralled in the best possible way? Quite frankly, it is hard not to love a work of nature inspired art or painting. Instantly transform any room with the addition of artistic wallpaper. Its wide range of colours and patterns allow you to play with different styles to your hearts’ content.

Keep in mind that the larger the size of an artistic piece, the higher priced and the more difficult it will be to install. However, if these do not concern you, such wallpapers could compliment your space very well.

Artfully designed wallpapers are great tools for expressing the vibes and essences of a particular room. For instance, bird mural wallpaper represents freedom and a popular choice among many homeowners as it is a timeless design. This wallpaper can foster sentimental value and offers a great way to add life to your interior and spaces.

Make Your Home Come Alive With Craft Axis

Do you love the idea of creating a custom wallpaper that truly matches your personality? At Craft Axis, our talented design team offers a variety of creative services that would guarantee to transform your home like never before.

We offer customised wallpapers that instantly add colours and textures to large and small spaces. We also provide a variety of products including curtains and blinds of different functions, styles and moods that would enhance the overall look of your room. Schedule an appointment with us today for a makeover that leaves a good lasting impression for family and guests.