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Wallpaper Hack to Create a Feature Wall and Make Your Home “Really Standout”

Beautiful and bold wallpaper can make a stunning statement and add charm to any room. A feature wall has the power to evoke emotions, including adding a sense of drama, quiet or calm in your space. Setting up a feature wall is a simple way to spice up your home without too much hassle.


With the overwhelming amount of wallpaper designs out there, you are spoiled for choice. You might not know how to start planning for your feature wall. Now, you can bid your frustrations goodbye as we have curated a list of wallpaper hacks that can help you to spruce up your home. So, grab some coffee or tea and give this blog a quick read.



1.   Trending


Tecnografica is one of the most popular wall covering brands in the interior design industry. The brand is a world leader in the ceramic industry design and produces unparalleled aesthetic wallpapers and decorative panels.


If you want to jazz up your room with Italian design and modern technology, wallpapers from Tecnografica are the ideal fit as it comes from high-end craftsmanship and is manufactured with only environmentally friendly materials. There are tons of different collections that you can choose from that are bound to fit any space.

To give layers and depth to your walls, putting up a stunning 3D mural piece will make your walls radiate modern sophistication.


This jaw dropping piece which features intricate detailing comes from one of the collections by @tecnograficaofficial. It gives a special touch to your home and creates a character to your space.


2.   Art Deco


Art Deco is a great design style for those looking to create a bold and daring space with a touch of glamour and sophistication. It is fairly popular amongst homeowners here in Singapore. If you’re a fan of designs from the early 20th century, you should put art deco at the top of your list.


The distinct style of Art Deco is gaining popularity around the globe because it is iconic and attention grabbing.


Want to give your room an instant refresh and that touch of glam without being too intense? You can opt for designs with curved and dome shapes like above.



3.   Geometric design


Geometric design is definitely a pivotal element in interior design. Used in the right places, they are a shortcut to create a space that is visually captivating.


To bring your walls to life and give them more of an artistic feel, opt for a geometric design like above. It will add visual interest and texture to your walls.


Pro tip – pair with reflective furnishings or decorative pieces to add another dimension to your room.

To soften up your space, use a simple floral pattern with soft rounded shapes and subtle colour palette.


Styling geometric designs can be frustrating at times, but try to be open-minded and have fun with the design process. Feel free to mix and match and try different kinds of combinations.


4.   Botanicals


A Botanical design is a great way to add a touch of nature and tranquillity to your space.

Wallpaper with floral design will blend beautifully into your space. There is no doubt that nature calms you more than anything else, and botanical designs will just do the trick.



You can transform your space into a botanical heaven with this tropical design that is heavily inspired by Balinese palm trees. By incorporating the jungle of palm leaves onto your wall, you will instantly have a stylish and natural wall.



5.   Textures


Wallpaper doesn’t have to be a flat surface. Plain painted walls can be beautiful, but once you put a textured paper in a design scheme, it takes it to another level.


Textured wallpaper is a splendid way to make a real statement in your home. Want to impress your guests and make them turn their heads? Opt for a design that is bold and eye-catching.



Textured wallpapers come in various colours. Plain white, beige and matte wallpaper are the ideal colour if you wish to maintain the cosiness and brilliance of your home.


On the contrary, if you want to bring out the classiness of your space, opt for dark-coloured textured walls such as plain grey or charcoal grey wallpaper.


Transform Your Home With Wallpapers from Craft Axis


It goes without saying that wallpaper can elevate boring and bland walls onto a whole new level. The best way to redesign your home without having to overspend on your tight budget is by changing your walls with wallpaper. Hopefully, these hacks will give you inspiration on how to rejuvenate and revamp your home to make it stand out more.


Craft Axis is Singapore’s premier retailer for wallpapers. We boast a huge collection of quality wallpapers from renowned global manufacturers. Consult our design and installation teams for a hassle-free space transformation.