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Whether you are searching for a sophisticated or avant-garde look, our selection of premium, designer wallpaper in Singapore will bring your vision to life.

Browse through our extensive library featuring thousands of stunning designs hand-picked from across Europe, the U.S., Japan, and Korea. Alternatively, showcase your individuality and create your own bespoke wallpaper today.

Our Exclusive Brands

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We understand that the right wallpaper can transform any room, which is why we offer a range of bespoke designs that reflect your personal style and interests. With Craft Mural, you can customise wall mural to hide imperfections or create an accent wall.

Craft mural

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Whether you are looking to make your dream home a reality or boost the productivity and morale of your business space, we’ve got you covered. From bold patterns to minimalist textures and classic prints, our products are globally sourced from top manufacturers.

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Transform Your Home with Craft Axis' Modern Wallpaper Designs

Craft Axis introduces a contemporary collection of wallpaper designs crafted to enhance your home’s allure. Our collection seamlessly blends quality craftsmanship with modern aesthetics, presenting a diverse range of styles catering to every taste. Explore our selection and transform your home’s interior with a touch of modern elegance.

Choosing Quality and Sustainable Wallpaper for Your Home

Material Selection

Opt for wallpapers made from sustainable materials like eco-friendly fibres or recycled paper to champion sustainability. Ensure certifications confirming compliance with environmental standards.

VOC-Free Inks

Prioritise wallpapers printed using VOC-free (volatile organic compound) inks to reduce indoor air pollution. This choice supports sustainable printing methods and ensures a healthier indoor

Durability and Longevity

Choose wallpapers known for durability and longevity. Premium wallpapers often feature protective coatings that enhance resilience, reducing the need for frequent replacements and promoting sustainability.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of wallpaper?

Homeowners get to enjoy a wide array of wallpaper options. The most popular types include paper-backed (used in Japanese and Korean wallpaper) and non-woven (mainly manufactured in Europe).

To select the best wallpaper, consider the room’s purpose, choose a design that complements your decor, focus on colour and pattern, evaluate material quality, and ensure accurate measurements for a perfect fit.

Painting over wallpaper isn’t advisable as it can result in an uneven finish and weaken the adhesive. For a smoother, longer-lasting finish, it’s recommended to remove the wallpaper before painting.

Craft Axis offers quality, modern, and stylish wallpapers for your home. Elevate your space with our curated collection, combining contemporary design and exquisite craftsmanship. Give your home a stylish makeover with Craft Axis.