Windows are an essential component of any building. On the most part, windows serve functional purposes and also aesthetic purposes in homes and offices. Windows are used to connect the outside world to the world inside our homes and offices, and it gives a sense of connectivity as we are aware of what is happening beyond us.
Windows also allow for natural light and even for ventilation to enter into our spaces which can boost our mood. Additionally, windows protect us from the forces of nature during a rainy or windy day.
Yet, the inclusion of windows in your home also introduces new issues. These include having too much sunlight beaming into your home or having less privacy from outsiders. It is also worth considering that windows do affect the overall look and feel of your space. If your space has a specified interior design theme, then your windows will affect its effect.
How then can you address these issues and maximise the returns of your home’s windows? These can all be achieved by choosing the right window dressings or treatments for your space.

Introducing Window Dressings

First and foremost, what constitutes as window dressings? Window dressings are generally curtains blinds and shades installed on windows to serve various purposes. When chosen correctly, window dressings can enhance the function of your windows.
Some benefits of incorporating window dressings onto your windows are:


An uncovered window is practically a window in your private lives. As much as you enjoy being in sync with the world outside, there are times when you would like to disconnect and enjoy some quiet time within the confines of your home. A versatile window dressing such as curtains or blinds would do just the trick.
Window dressings such as roller blinds are a great way to create a sense of separation between the interior of your home and the outside. Roller blinds are practical and hassle-free, providing maximum light blockage and heat insulation from the hot Singapore afternoons. Roller blinds are affordable and easily maintained as you only need to clean your blinds with a dry cloth or vacuum to get rid of any dust.
You can find a variety of styles and designs of roller blinds on the market in Singapore. Some roller blinds in Singapore that are available come in either single-tone to printed design fabrics and polyester to poly-vinyl-chloride material for waterproof function.
Other than that, curtains are also a great addition to your windows to provide some much-needed privacy. Night curtains are designed to provide optimal privacy and light blockage, in combination with day curtains you can reduce and block light penetration during the day. You can pair up day curtains and night curtains to come up with the perfect combination to fit your lifestyle.

Light Control

If you are someone who enjoys waking up to the sound of birds and natural light streaming into your bedroom, you would be familiar with the challenges of choosing a window dressing that does not overdo and underdo light control.
A common purpose of installing window dressings is to control the amount of light that enters your space. As window dressings come in all kinds of designs and materials, you would have to conduct sufficient research to decide the best one for you.
Curtains provide a clear cut way of controlling light exposure; however, exploring the different types of fabrics is essential here. For curtains, light penetration is relative to the type of fabric used such as the dim-out or the blackout material.
A dim-out curtain blocks out up to 80% of light while a blackout curtain can block out 100% of light. As the sun changes position throughout the day, the amount of light that is filtered will change. You may be faced with a situation where your room may either become too bright or too dark.
Horizontal blinds and vertical blinds such as Venetian blinds provide users with the flexibility to control the direction of light. Roller blinds are also great if you would like to keep a portion of the window in view. Roller blinds employ a roller system to control the vertical movement of the blinds, allowing you to position the blinds at a specific height.
Too much light is not favourable for your furniture and decoration as it may cause them to be damaged and fade away due to continuous exposure to UV rays. This is also where window dressings play an important role in filtering and blocking out excess light.
You may choose your window dressings according to the type of furniture and decoration you have in your home or office.

Heat Insulation

Window dressings are also a great shield against the sweltering tropical heat of Singapore. If your window is facing a direction which is prone to a large amount of light exposure, a large amount of heat will also be absorbed into your space.
To prevent this from happening you may consider installing window dressings that can act as heat insulators. You can get in touch with a trusted seller who can advise you on the best curtains and blinds in Singapore for this purpose.

Decorative statement

For those of you who are big on interior design, window dressings are a great way to decorate and add character to your spaces. From the simple minimalist to the extravagant art connoisseur, there is no shortage of window dressings types and designs to fulfil everyone’s expectations.
To add a wooden touch to your space, you may consider Wooden Venetian blinds. Not only are they practical, but they are also a minimalist design that can be incorporate in any traditional or modern setting.
Those who are keen on channelling a postmodern vibe in their living space can try out automated blinds, curtains and motorized window shades. Such products will surely impress any visitor while also providing comfort and convenience for you when going about your busy schedule.
No home or office can do without window dressings. However, you must be sure to pick the kind of window dressing that is appropriate for your space in addition to your lifestyle.

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