When it comes to purchasing a window treatment for your space, you may be spoilt for choice by the variety of options on the market. Two go-to window treatments that people often purchase for their spaces are blinds and curtains.
These two window treatment options can be installed separately or together. Nonetheless, before deciding on a window treatment for your space, you should first evaluate how well either product fits into your space.
In this article, we will give you a brief introduction to both curtains and blinds and proceed to make a comparison to help you in your quest to find the perfect window dressing for your space.

Window blinds

There are various types of window blinds available on the market such as:

Indoor Roller Blinds

Indoor Roller Blinds are made out of fabric and can be controlled using a system that controls the vertical movement of the fabric.

Combi blinds

Combi blinds otherwise known as dual-shade blinds, consist of two layers of polyester fabrics, that is the sheer layer and dim-out layer. Combi blinds are controlled using a single control system that is used to alternate between the sheer and dim-out layers depending on your needs throughout the day.

Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds are usually made out of horizontal or vertical slates that can be made of PVC or Basswood. The slates are connected by cords and can be lifted up and down using a lifting mechanism or left to right in the case of vertical blinds. The slates can also be tilted at different angles to either allow more light in or completely close the blinds.

Outdoor blinds

Specially designed to be used outdoors, these blinds are reinforced with 100% stainless steel side guides and PVC coated cables. They can withstand strong winds and are guaranteed to last for a long time.


Curtains are fabric window dressings that come in different sizes, colours, patterns and fabric materials. Both metal rods or curtain tracks can be used to secure curtains to windows. Some selection of curtains available on the market include:

Day curtains

Day curtains are lightweight, sheer curtains that serve as a filter to reduce the intensity of sunlight entering your space. With day curtains in place, you will still be able to enjoy the breeze from outside while you are protected from excessive sun exposure.

Night curtains

Made out of thicker fabric, night curtains are designed to provide maximum privacy and also optimal light blockage. Depending on the type of fabric used, night curtains can block out 80% to 100% of light.

Curtains vs Window Blinds


Curtains come in various styles and colours, therefore, customers have a wider selection of curtain designs to choose from. Curtains can be used to complement the interior design of a room or as an eye-catching piece that stands out among other elements.
Window blinds, on the other hand, are more minimalistic in design. This is especially true for single-tone blinds which are easy on the eyes and blend in subtly with any design. Whereas wooden Venetian blinds give off a more natural look. If you are keen on adding a touch of personality to your blinds, there is also the option to customize your blinds with specially designed printed fabric. Whatever your preferences, window blinds can add style and elegance to your space.


We use curtains and blinds to separate the world outside and the world inside our homes and offices to give ourselves a sense of privacy. Additionally, curtains and blinds are also used to block out excessive sunlight from entering our spaces.
Generally, curtains are more effective when it comes to blocking out light as they can provide maximum coverage. You need only to draw your curtain when there is too much sunlight streaming in through your window.
Thicker curtains can be used as heat insulators, this means they can be used to absorb the heat from sunlight and also keep the heat from escaping a room when it is cold outside.
Conversely, blinds offer you more control over the amount of light that enters a space. The length of the blinds can be changed using the lifting mechanism. The blinds can be fully extended when it is sunny outside and can be lifted halfway when it is not.
In the case of Venetian blinds, they have individual slates that can be adjusted to different angles. This enables you to let in the desired amount of light into your room by controlling the angle of the slates.
Outdoor blinds are used to cut down glare and rainwater penetration while still ensuring wind to pass through the tiny pinholes on the fabric.


Both curtains and blinds will eventually collect dust after some time. Blinds are considered to be the low maintenance option here as you only need a wet piece of cloth or vacuum to get rid of the dust.
More work will have to be done when cleaning curtains. You have to start by taking down the curtain from the rod, the curtain should then be sent to a professional dry cleaner. After which, you will have to once again put the curtain back on the rod.
Window blinds maintenance can be done regularly as it does not require much effort. Curtain maintenance, however, can only be done between longer intervals as it will require more time and effort.

Using them in combination

There is also the option of combining both the curtain and blind. To get the best of both worlds, you will have to come up with a combination that balances and complements one another.
When pairing up curtains and blinds, play around with the colour and design of each product. Basic roller blinds and Venetian blinds can be paired up with bright coloured or patterned curtains. While wooden blinds can be used in combination with a solid coloured curtain. The key here is to create a working contrast between these two products.
When choosing a window treatment, do consider all these factors before making a purchase. It is good to evaluate how well a product fits into your space and your lifestyle beforehand. Additionally, it is important to come up with a budget plan that can cover the product cost, installation and maintenance.

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