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Where to Put Up Damask Wallpaper: Ideal Rooms Sizes and Types

Although damask wallpaper originated around 300 B.C. in China, it seems to only gain popularity as more patterns, colors, and styles keep coming out or get reinvented by the day.

Damask wallpaper in a bedroom

Today’s guide helps you match the right damask wallpaper with the room you’re decorating to best capture your taste and show off the elegance of your design.

What Room Sizes Are Best for Using Damask Wallpaper?

From vintage to contemporary vibes, expressing the magnificence of damask wallpaper depends on choosing the correct print size, shape, and color for the room.

Here’s a breakdown of the different room sizes that look great featuring damask wallpaper:

Small Rooms

It’s a common misconception that small rooms can’t take damask wallpaper well. That’s far from true as damask wallpaper can elevate any small space; you just need to know how to do it.

Stick to lighter colors and simpler patterns for smaller rooms to keep from creating a claustrophobic feel or overpowering the rest of the decor. In smaller rooms, think ‘complement’ not ‘focal’.

But if you’re using damask wallpaper on only one wall in your small room to serve as an accent, you have more freedom to choose a vibrant color or a large print.

Medium Rooms

Medium-sized rooms offer a lot of flexibility when using damask wallpaper. They do well with both small and large patterns, depending on whether you’re covering all the walls or just one.

You also get to play more freely with colors as medium rooms look especially fun with bright colors and equally sophisticated with muted shades.

Large Rooms

A young couple renovating and wallpapering a large room in their house

A bigger room allows you to use larger patterns and bold colors because you have enough space to accommodate such options without appearing smaller or overwhelming the decor.

Contrary to small rooms, you need to be careful about choosing a too-small pattern or a too-light color for a large room. This can cause the pattern to wash away into a dull look that resembles paint rather than wallpaper.

What Room Types Are Best Suited for Using Damask Wallpaper?

The beauty of damask wallpaper lies in being both a timeless classic and an elegant trend. If you’re wondering what sort of room you can put up damask wallpaper, the list below has various ideas.


Damask wallpaper makes for a stunning decor element in bedrooms, especially when placed on the wall behind the bed. It creates a gorgeous backdrop whether it’s a master bedroom, kids’ bedroom, or guest bedroom.

Living Rooms

Old fashioned seat in living room with wallpaper

As most living rooms possess an open floor plan, they’re perfect for displaying unique patterns from floral damask to metallic damask wallpaper. The larger the living space, the bigger and bolder you can go!


If you want to showcase a lovely damask wallpaper pattern, no place can do it better than a corridor that people constantly cross, giving them chance after chance to admire its beauty.

Corridors are also a fantastic opportunity for you to tie the damask wallpaper theme across multiple rooms.

Entertainment Rooms

A cinema room, game room, or KTV karaoke room are all terrific examples of settings that can brilliantly accommodate damask wallpaper.

Whether to complement or as an accent wall, entertainment rooms are an ideal excuse for using striking patterns and colors.

Wrap Up

Damask wallpaper has been around for decades, as you can tell by now, it’s not going anywhere any time soon. From small bedrooms to cozy kitchens to spacious living rooms, there’s a damask wallpaper to add elegance to every setting.