Stylish & Durable Outdoor Blinds Singapore

The use of perforated outdoor roller blinds helps to cut down glare and rain water penetration yet ensuring wind to pass through the tiny pinholes on the fabrics. As a result, it helps to maintain a cool temperature in the house and protect your outdoor furniture from the glaring sunlight and rain. With the dim-out effect, it also provides privacy for you and your loved ones. Get your outdoor blinds with us today, or contact us if you are looking for other types of curtains and blinds Singapore.

Weather Control

Perforated outdoor roller blinds offer shade on glaringly sunny days, and also provide your furniture shelter from the rain by reducing rain water penetration. For those fearing a stuffy home interior, tiny pinholes on the perforated roller blinds ensures that your house may still enjoy the summer breeze and remain airy and cooling.

Personal Privacy

With the dim-out effect enjoyed when the roller blinds are down, you can now also dwell in private with your loved ones, sheltered from others’ view.

Stylish Designs

Offered in simple, minimalistic designs and neutral shades, our outdoor roller blinds add a modern and warm touch to your outdoor space, making it a complementary addition to your home.


Our outdoor roller blind systems mounted directly to your ceilings or walls, come with 100% stainless steel side guides and PVC coated cables. This system composition enhances the durability of your outdoor roller blind by restricting large blind movements in times of strong wind and limiting cable fraying, extending your outdoor roller blind’s functioning lifespan.


Spring chain system roller blinds (that grant you easy manual control of your roller blinds) and remote control motorized system roller blinds (that allows you to adjust your roller blinds with the simple flick of a switch) are also options offered to better cater to your usage needs.


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