Wooden Venetian Blinds

Considering an alternative to your common household curtains? Want something that can add a modern twist to your window space? Getting venetian blinds in Singapore may just be the solution for you.

Stylish & Rustic

Spruce up your living quarters by adding a wooden touch to your windows. Our wooden venetian blinds spot a natural, minimalist design that complements any home décor (be it traditional or modern), and styles up your place while giving you the privacy you need.


Getting wooden blinds for Singapore homes and offices are a practical move as well. Our wooden venetian blinds let you control the sunlight entering your room easily with its suspended horizontal slats, capable of rotating through 180 degrees. Boost your personal comfort by adjusting the wooden slats to different angles and enjoy an optimal level of light in your work space, living room, bedroom or even kitchen.


Maintenance and cleaning is also kept hassle free, making it a stellar choice for people who wish for an easy shade solution. Simply wipe your wooden venetian blinds with a moist cloth or dust it with a duster to keep it dust-free. With our wooden venetian blinds, washing curtains can now be a thing for the past.

Our Product Selection

At Craft Axis, we offer a wide range of wooden venetian blinds as part of our curtains and blinds collection to cater to your very needs. From venetian blinds specially developed for bathroom usage, to motorized venetian blinds for residential and commercial use, find the perfect blind for your living space.

Wooden Grain Design

Design is a key aspect in every living space and we understand that. Find the perfect wood grain shade to go along with your décor from our vast selection of venetian blinds. Decorative cloth tapes are also offered for those looking for more colour options to match their room interior.


Typical wooden blinds are often unable to withstand the high humidity present in bathrooms. That’s why we also stock Allswood venetian blinds for those who wish to have venetian blinds in their bathroom. Combining the beauty of timber with the resilience of PVC, the material ensures that your venetian blinds retains its quality and beauty in frequently wet areas.

Motorized or Manual Options

Get to choose between motorized and manual wooden venetian blinds when you buy your window solutions from us. With only high quality components used, our venetian wooden blinds grant users smooth control when adjusting the blinds, making it easy and effortless to manoeuvre unlike many out there.


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