Korean Combi Blinds & Rainbow Blinds

Looking for a window solution that grants you the ability to manage both the natural light and ventilation in your room?

Our Combi Blinds may be just the thing that you are looking for. Also known as Rainbow Blinds or Shadow Blinds or Zebra Blinds, Combi Blinds (Dual-Shade Blinds) are advanced roller blind systems consisting of two layers of fabrics – sheer and dim-out – and are made of 100% polyester.

Versatile Light Control

Similar to the normal roller blind systems, combi blinds utilise only a single cord control system. However, they also provide an additional feature enabling you to alter between the sheer and dim-out fabric layers, granting you greater control over the lighting and ventilation entering your room. Simply adjust the combi blinds to shut out the natural light or raise your blinds into the head rail to enjoy an unblocked view of the scenery from your window.

Convenience & Comfort

Combi blinds marry the benefits of roller shades with traditional horizontal blinds to give you a product that grants you excellent light control in a hassle-free manner. With combi blinds, you no longer have to roll your blinds up and down at half-mast to achieve the optimal level of light in your room.


Another benefit that combi blinds share with traditional roller blinds – their low need for maintenance. Cleaning is made easy with combi blinds, requiring just a wipe from a moist cloth or duster, making it extremely suitable for residential and commercial usage.


With combi blinds, your windows will always sport a furnished look.
Choose from our vast selection of colours available to get a set of combi blinds in Singapore that matches the beautiful interior décor of your house.

Interested in getting our combi blinds for your place?

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