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Unique Wallpaper Ideas For Small Spaces To Make The Most Of Your Limited Space And Create A Big Impact

A small space can be daunting to try and style, but with the right wallpaper ideas it can become a beautiful addition to any home. Utilising creative wallpaper ideas is one of the easiest ways to make the most of a small space and maximise its potential. Whether you’re looking for something modern or traditional, there’s an array of stylish wallpapers on the market today that are sure to transform even the tiniest of spaces into something truly special.

Choose Space-Saving Wallpaper


There are several considerations that need to be made before choosing your desired wallpaper. Firstly, consider your room layout. Properly mapping out and planning where you want the wallpaper to go can significantly impact how successful and appealing your finished project looks. Knowing how to properly measure and plan for wallpaper ensures that you will be able to achieve the look and feel of what you’re aiming for without any unnecessary or unsightly gaps that could ruin the overall effect of your design. The wider a wall is, the greater your wallpaper will cost you. Basic theory indicates that the larger the space, the higher the costs. Only consider your scale of desired wallpaper pattern after confirming the total size of walls being covered.

Large-scale mural patterns can find an image “more succinctly” on walls if you treat walls like surfaces and keep portions uncovered. Alternatively, if you select a smaller all-over design or painting, wide swaths of wall will look better uncovered. Besides, guest bathrooms are a popular place to fit in wallpaper as it is less hot and steamy than full bathroom and kitchen, which is more friendly for wallpaper. Nevertheless, do still choose water-resistant or low-maintenance wallpaper like vinyl to prevent mould. It is also important to put into consideration the likelihood of children to play around, this is to ensure your wallpaper is safe from crayons or markers. If so, do choose wallpapers that are  kid-friendly material so you can wipe off the stains easily anytime.

For small spaces, light wallpapers would be an ideal choice. For a pattern that matches  specifically to the space, please make sure your wallpaper is composed of fewer colours and is in height. Small-scale murals give depth and texture to a space, as they provide visual interest to chairs, making them an excellent option for smaller rooms such as bathrooms. You can also mix colours, and have large and small-scale designs, to have a more visually balanced space.

 Creative Wall Covering Ideas

Wallpaper can be a great way to add unique character and style to any small room. It is a great way to bring life and personality into your living area. There are plenty of choices for homeowners looking for an interesting wall treatment. Here are some examples of unique wallpaper concepts that can be used in any type of small room:


Large patterns – Large patterns like floral prints and geometric shapes offer a unique way to maximise space in a small area. Not only does large pattern wallpaper create visual interest but it also adds texture and comfort to the atmosphere of the room.


Geometric patterns – Geometric prints can provide visual interest without being overwhelming in smaller spaces. Whether it’s bold shapes or subtle lines, these vibrant patterns will instantly elevate the look and feel of any room.


Mural wallpaper – For those who want to make a big statement, mural wallpaper is the perfect choice. These large-scale designs create an eye-catching focal point that will transform any small space into something truly spectacular.


Stripes – Stripes are also a great option if you’re looking for something subtle yet eye-catching; you can create a sense of depth with vertical stripes or add an element of fun with horizontal ones.


Monochrome texture – Monochrome textures such as brick wallpaper or grasscloth can also help enhance the atmosphere in your small room while adding texture and warmth to the walls.


Busy patterns – Busy patterns presented in smaller spaces can provide the sense of a bigger space, which make them an excellent selection for smaller spaces. Picking a high shine or reflective finish for the busy wallpaper will result in the best effect in smaller rooms as it bounces light throughout the room, making the layout seem to be larger.


Geometric Patterns & Textures

When it comes to decorating a small area, the use of geometric shapes and textures can be an effective way to add dimension and depth. Utilising these elements in the right way will make a space appear much larger than it actually is. To create this effect, consider adding items such as rugs with distinct patterns, artwork with geometry-inspired designs or furniture pieces that have interesting shapes. Additionally, introducing contrasting colours into the mix can create visual interest while creating a sense of spaciousness at the same time. One common wallpaper theme where designers can find 3D wallpaper designs is the geometric patterns. Making them perfectly fit for any room. This is because the “intended” patterns creates the small-scaled compact visual where designers are able to provide a sense of depth through its concave look. Floral designs usually present classic aesthetics, presentation through 3D style that will give the patterns a more modern look. In addition, many murals succeed in adding depth to a wall by relaying a sense of length or horizontal distance to the viewers as well.

Statement Walls & Murals

Creating statement walls and murals in a limited space can be challenging, but it is possible with the right tips and tricks! Incorporating bold colours and incorporating different shapes, textures, and materials are key elements to create an eye-catching statement wall or mural. Here are some helpful tips that will help you make a beautiful statement wall despite the limitations of your space. To start off, try to use bright, vibrant colours that will draw people’s attention. Using only one or two primary colours usually works best when dealing with a limited space because too many competing colours may appear cluttered. You can also add pops of colour by adding fabrics such as tapestries or rugs to create texture and depth in the room.

The next step is to try to fill up the space by adding large pieces of artwork that will tie your room together. You can adjust the size of the painting or art piece to fit your wall rather than trying to force a smaller piece into a larger space. Indeed, scenic landscape murals also give your interior a pop of colour, depth, and dimension. They offer a mind-boggling illusion of getting a much-expanded area. Whether it is rolling meadows, towering peaks, endless rivers, broad oceans, woodsy countrysides, or floral gardens, you can bring your favourite scenic view to your home all year long. It is also to be noted that Murals can make your small area feel larger.


Experiment with New Materials & Technology


Possibilities are endless in today’s world of interior design. With a variety of innovative materials, you can turn any room into something special and unique. From 3D wallpapers to thermochromic designs, an abundance of choice to suit every taste and style. When it comes to 3D wallpapers, no other material is as impactful. They bring depth to a space with their vivid details and textures that creates an optical illusion for your eyes. Not only do they add character to a room but also provide subtle colour variation through light reflection and shadows. There are some wallpaper mural designs that can create the illusion of  a larger space. Specially for small spaces, placing a 3D wallpaper murals can create an illusion of a larger space! Another trending technology would be thermochromic designs via heat reactive inks and paints. The wallpaper effect will change alongside the ambient room temperature due to heat reactive inks and paints. These self-adhesive patterns change colours depending on the temperature of the surface they’re applied onto – perfect for adding vibrancy and energy!


Wallpaper designs are a great way to make the most out of the small spaces. There are various options of eye-catchy wallpapers that make your small space look bigger. From creating a feature wall to using bright colours, there are many ways to maximise the empty spaces without making it look cramped. Wallpapers including 3D or thermochromic designs, or geometric patterns, even statement walls and murals can bring an element of surprise to any room in your home. If you have a small room or area that you’d like to spruce up, consider these ideas and let your imagination be your guide. Get in touch with Craft Axis to find yourself an exciting wallpaper design to suit your style right now!